About Us - What We Do
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This office is specialized in the different domains of business law:
- All legal matters in relation to the different types of corporations (contracts, establishment, bankruptcy...).
- All types of commercial contracts.
- Arbitration in commercial issues.
- Consultations related to the financial markets on the local and international level.
- Consultations related to the different banking types (investment banks, regular banks, Islamic banks….)
- All procedures and consultations related to trademarks (registration, protection…) on the local and international level.
- Experience in the domain of Bankruptcy.
- Legal consultations and juridical aid of all kinds, for foreign investors willing to invest in Syria; on the Syrian territories or in the free zones. 
- Experience in presenting several cases at the European court of human rights in Strasbourg, France.

All the office services (contracts, consultations….) can be offered in Arabic, English, and French.

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